Arranging your wedding Print E-mail

For the civil wedding: the couple must obtain the licence for marriage, or 'blue papers', from their local registry office six months prior to the wedding date.

For the Orthodox wedding: both the man and woman must produce a Certificate of Freedom from the Church where they were baptised stating that they have not contracted a marriage in the Orthodox Church.

In cases of a mixed marriage, the non-Orthodox member should produce his/her Baptismal Certificate in place of a Certificate of Freedom. 

In the case of a second marriage, the person concerned should produce either a Divorce Absolute from the Civil Courts if the previous marriage took place only at the Registry Office, as well as a Divorce Certificate from the Ecclesiastical Court if the previous marriage was solemnised in an Orthodox Church. If the previous spouse has died, then only the Death Certificate need be produced.

All of the above papers for both the civil and religious ceremony should be brought to the church no later than three weeks prior to the wedding date, when the priest will guide the couple through the Orthodox wedding ceremony.